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In Out fashion trends 2015

In Out fashion trends 2015

Here is a short list of what is "in" and what is "out" for the coming seasons!


Out: have definitely stew slippers-sandal with a low heel is the Sport version is the version with elegant jewels and rhinestones.

In: The lengths midi dresses impose high heels! Certainly remain high fashion wedges, shoes that allow you to slim the figure without having to suffer like it does on vertiginous heels 12 Wear wedges is a must view the fantastic range of clothes "knee" proposed by the most important of fashion, from Prada to Valentino. The shoes 'toe' are of great fashion and footwear are the model who best manages to slim the figure.

new trends fashion women shoes 2015


Out: phased skinny pants very tight and clingy. Do not throw them away - you can pull them out in those days that require a more sexy clothing - but not wear them most every day.

In: preferred the classic jeans in cotton denim blue shapes softer and cut a cigarette. Still in fashion will be long pants or knit fabric fantasy as proposed on the catwalk in Milan fashion shows by Celine, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney

skinny pants is out for 2015


Out: for primary colors (blue, red and yellow). Last spring we have witnessed the proliferation of strong colors with matching sometimes risky.

In: return topical muted colors, camel, green mud, lilac, lavender and mauve. Must be avoided at all bold shades of brown and purple understood, shades most suitable in the fall season.


Out: Enough with the sports apparel that is the hip-hop style. Surrender your hoodies and logo printed in plain view, just to even blazers of cotton.

In: From rediscover instead fabrics sewn by hand, the craft weaves, embroidery and all the special processes that enrich the tissues.

clothing, textiles and shoes, what will be fashionable in 2015


Out: The top-bra that turns the belly is definitely exceeded.

In: Do you prefer long sleeve tops or shirts over size to match with capes, coats or coats that come to the knees effect "covered" with working or geometric prints.

t-shirt, sweaters and tops in fashion trend of 2015


Out: They really stew multicolor long-haired furs that have attempted to establish itself as a trend in the previous season.

In: The new trend repeats the sheepskin fur for a perfect style seventies, retro-inspired but very glamorous.

Coats and jackets for next year


Out: We return to normality. Just strong colors, fluorescent strands, excessive bleaching and discoloration marked.

In: Go back to the natural reflexes and tone on tone in shades of bright red, the dark blonde and light brown for a more sober look. Forget the chiaroscuro effect of shatush, new trends require color "freehand" that recreate the '"sunshine effect" of the summer. This new coloring technique called balayage, color and gives the hair a very natural light points.

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