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The magnetic charme of French women

The magnetic charme of French women

Not just all fashion world settled in Paris for the last leg of the fashion shows for the new collection spring summer 2015 will be seeking the vexed question of all time, what is the secret of the "charme" and the beauty of French women?

The unofficial motto of the country - a kind of enviable style, fresh and informal that relies heavily on tousled hair and minimal makeup - is aired everywhere and full screen in the Paris fashion week, both in the front rows of fashion shows, both on the streets of Paris, in the sunny sidewalks and in cafes throughout the city.

"In every country, I think there is a different idea of feminine beauty," says Violette, the makeup artist based in Paris. "But for French women is a very unique concept: it may seem absurd, but just want to be ourselves, not a better version of ourselves. Think of how you can use or take advantage of one of our physical characteristic rather than trying to change it. so what we ask is "what style do I get with this face and this hair?" this way of thinking and typically French. "However - she admits - there are a few little secrets to seem perfectly imperfect, never expire or exceed ."

Violette gives us the eight fundamental rules of beauty followed by French women to always be the most beautiful of them all.

The magnetic charm of French women, eight beauty secrets to be beautiful like them

Rule 1: Preparation

"French women treat their skin in the best way possible, so we try to have an incredible skin, an amazing body and incredible hair, so that then we should not do anything else," said Violette.
The Violette's beauty routine is quite complex, and we can not expect anything less from a disciple of the school of Joëlle Ciocco, the legendary Parisian beautician Violette calls "a god of the skin."

After you have taken away all the impurities of the day with cleansing milk - always massaging your face with your fingertips to increase circulation - Violette rinse with water and apply a soothing cream against redness and rosacea. "Then, to moisturize my skin thoroughly, I apply a nourishing cream that I buy in a pharmacy and as a last step I apply an antioxidant serum to combat stress, pollution and free radicals."

Rule n. 2: Moderation

"The secret to beautiful skin is not dependent on cosmetic products that we use." Violette admits, despite her beauty routine that includes many products. "It is what you eat. French women try to eat as much as possible in a natural way avoiding sugar. Haunts us the amount of sugar, not so much the low-fat."

French icons of style and fashion, Cheterine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot

Rule n. 3: Go to the gym only if you really want to do it

"The French woman is like a wild horse, is very rebellious, and she would rather die than go to the gym!"
Violette admits, with a laugh, acknowledging, however, that the tendency to keep fit with exercise training is becoming more and more even though it was a practice almost non-existent a decade ago.

Rule n. 4: Forget the "styling"

"The French want amazing women with their hair," confirms Violette, referring to the aspect of "lived" by French artists of the caliber of Caroline de Maigret, Constance Jablonski, and Aymeline Valade.
"We like to wash your hair, dry it and wait for the next day! Once hair is freshly washed you can never handle them well. The second day is much better," says the makeup artist. Violette always plan her hair appointment with one day in advance to always be perfect!

Hairstyles of French women to keep their cool as

Rule n. 5: Cut hair regularly

"At French women like to have healthy, shiny hair, and even when they acconciano in a disorderly fashion, are never dry or damaged."
"We pay more attention to always have a good haircut rather than a good product for styling," says Violette, pointing out that the majority of French women prefer short cuts or at most reach to touch your shoulders.
"I now cut my hair by Eva write to New York," he admits Violetta and adds, "I find that the hairdressers Americans appreciate the long hair and enhance it knows better than the French hairstylist!"

Rule n. 6: Red Lipstick

"French icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve could be remembered for their eyes truccatissimi blacks and full of mascara but in fact French women do not like the eyeliner, the French are more concerned with red lips," according to Violette. Adds "the true identity of the woman in Paris is like wearing lipstick, is the hue of a color crimson or scarlet red that causes it to be completely French "and adds" Lipstick red is considered a true fashion accessory, so we do not if we put any other makeup wear lipstick. our hair should be messy, our skin has to be perfect. We only wear a pair of jeans and high heels because the lipstick does the rest."

Rule n. 7: No to the contouring

"We do not like the contouring." Violette refers to the technique of makeup that allows to enhance the shape and volume of the face creating points of light and shadow through the trick. "For women French contouring is dangerous because it can change the shape of the face by changing the features dramatically and excessive."

The French woman loves to wear red lipstick it is considered a real fashion accessory

Rule n. 8: Smoky Eye messy

 "The other trick that" makes "the French really is the smoky eye but made with a creamy eyeshadow," he confesses Violette, who adds that the nuances perfect, the clear dark, brilliant effects and perfect lashes are far that "chic" for French women. "We are very lazy! We like to use just one product, apply all over the eye and then blend it with your fingers. then we comb our eyebrows, we put a little 'blush on the cheeks, the concealer if needed and so, we are ready to go! "
Violette prefers to use a simple black eye pencil, apply the "scribbling" the entire upper eyelid and then fades the color smearing on a little."

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